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STYC, Head STYC and STYM sign up

To signup to be a STYC, Head STYC or STYM head to this Google form to apply

What is a STYC?

  • A STYC is a “Second or Third year contact”
  • They help freshers move in and settle down into university accommodation
  • They offer advice and support to freshers
  • They show freshers around York and the University
  • They Introduce the freshers to university life such as bus routes, supermarkets, societies and much more
  • Their responsibilities will finish at the end of freshers week
  • Being a STYC is a great way to meat new people and spend time with friends

What is a Head STYC?

  • A head STYC helps oversee the running of a group of STYCs
  • You cannot be a STYC and a Head STYC
  • They are a point of contact for STYCs and ensure everything is running smoothly during freshers week
  • This opportunity will help develop your leadership and communication skills

What is a STYM?

  • A STYM is a “Second or Third year Mentor”
  • They offer support and guidance to freshers throughout their first year
  • Their responsibilities for the entire academic year
  • They are given training in safeguarding and other topics to help them during the year
  • They will hold 2-3 meetings with each flat each year about key university aspects such as 2nd year housing, exam stress, independent living and finances