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College Life Advisors

Our College Life Advisors (CLAs) are the first point of contact for residents if they have any questions or concerns during their time in Goodricke College. If you want to get in touch with the CLAs, you can email them at [email protected].


At Goodricke College we care about the well-being of all our students and we have a lot of experienced people who can help you out when things go wrong. Our well-being officers are here to make your time as part of Goodricke as fun as possible by providing activities and events, and to listen to any and all concerns you might have about life at University. If you want to get in touch with our well-being officers you can email them.

The university also has a number of great services covering everything from budgeting to health and wellbeing. If you need psychological help and mental support there is the Open Door Team who are a team of professionals providing support to registered students experiencing psychological or mental health difficulties.