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Your Committee

The College Student Association Committee (CSAC) are elected to represent the views of other Goodricke students and provide the services they want. Whether its organising bar crawls in town, putting on weekly quizzes, running campaigns for better facilities, providing welfare information and signposting, the CSAC plays a big part in your college life.

Goodricke College has by far the best College spirit and best atmosphere at the university. One of the CSAC’s main aims is to encourage participation in College life and to provide the best opportunities to do this. The Goodricke CSAC is large and diverse and aims to cater to all student’s needs so let us know if there is something you want us to do, or better still, get involved and run for a position in the next elections.

Here’s who we are:

Executive Committee


Seraphina Goodbody

Vice-President Events

Kalina Klimentova

Vice-President Well-being

Becky Marsh

Vice-President Sport

Jonny Eagleson


Jess Keeping


Matt Stevens


Events Officer

Orestis Sechas

Events Officer

Catriona Munro

Events Officer

Rida Imran

RAG And Volunteering Officer

Harvey Young

RAG And Volunteering Officer

Wynn Crawshaw

Merchandise Officer

Noah Myers

Female Wellbeing Officer

Lucy Fitzpatrick

Male Wellbeing Officer

Riley Bell

Disability Officer

Dan Black

LGBTQ+ Officer

Tia Clifton

Sponsorship Officers

Tom Wilkins

Environment and Ethics Officer

Lucy Hobday

International Officer

Jasmine Lau

Sport Officer

Ollie Dennison

Sport Officer

Dan Egerton

Technology Officer

Harry Wickham